Spa Vac Volt FX-8 Li





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Type of Product: Spa Vac
Manufacturer: Water Tech
Brand: Water Tech
Size: Length: 23.75 inch
Width: 12.75 inch
Height: 7.0 inch
Vacuum Head: 12.75 inch
Basic Directions:

ON / OFF switch

Minimum operating depth 14.25 inch at a 45-degree angle

Additional Notes:

Comes With - Two Reusable Filter Bags: (1)Reusable X-Treme Multi-Layer Filter Bag - for fine debris & (1)All Purpose Filter Bag - for large debris. Head & Hose Attachment for shallow water cleaning

Power Rating - 500

Battery - Lithium Powered, Fully Rechargeable in 4 hours.

The Spa Vac Volt FX-8Li is designed to clean the large in-ground and above Hot tub / Swim Spas quickly and efficiently. The newly upgraded Volt FX-8Li now features lithium-ion battery technology with a push button ON/OFF switch.

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